Man Adopts a Kitten Right Before Irma Hit Just So He Could Have A Companion To …

FLORIDA – The storms and hurricanes that have been hitting recently have been devastating and terrifying. There’s truly no shortage of stories about loss. However, amid the chaos, are stories of compassion and love.

This is truly one of those stories, a story of a man who decided to evacuate Hurricane Irma with a friend, instead of going alone. In a thread on Reddit, the man went on to tell the story of him and his new friend.

Prior to Irma reching Florida, Reddit user danknissan went to the Humane Society of Miami and adopted a cat. He believed that if he had to evacuate, he might as well not evacuate all by himself.

He found and adopted a tiny white and ginger kitten named Ryder and made a promise to her then that he’d make sure she got out of this storm safely.

After work the very next day, the pair hit the road. “(It) was a 3 hour 30 minute trip. She slept for the first three hours but those last 30 minutes is when she got bored and spent it on my lap,” danknissan wrote.

They rested for that one night at a hotel in Sarasota, where he says the kitten cuddled up to him.

They remained at a hotel in Sarasota for the night, and the kitty cuddled up to him, feeling safe and loved. However, they truly had to get a move on, again, when Irma started shifting her direction.

Danknissan went on to write about the little kitten’s gratitude and how she was so calm and peaceful … as if she was just happy to have a companion.

“Now four days later, my kitty is potty trained, eating and drinking well, staying calm in the car during evacuation, and she is so active and loves her toys,” he stated. “She has traveled more than 700 miles already.”

The pair is safe so far and we are wishing them the absolute best together. The Hurricane has hurt many people and animals. In all this sadness, stories like this particular one and others like it, remind us that we’re stronger together than we are apart.

Story/photo source: danknissan/Reddit