Man Adopts Kitty and in Turn, is Rescued by that Kitty!

This is the beautiful story of Cheddar Bear!

A wee one of a kitten named Cheddar Bear was just about the size of a dollar bill when he was adopted by a kind-hearted man … but not just any kind-hearted man.

At the time Ryan Tronca decided to welcome Cheddar Bear into his life, he was still grieving the loss of a Huggy Bear, who had been his cat for 14 long years who had sadly, passed on.


“I was so devastated but Cheddar has helped me get through the loss,” said Ryan.

Cheddar Bear was in need of a forever home of his very own, so Ryan decided to adopt him. He drove all the way from Seattle to Portland to pick Cheddar Bear up and bring him home.

“Poor baby was hungry, he had fleas, worms, and ear mites so first we took him to the vet… He had a lot of parasites so he wasn’t feeling too good and slept with us like a baby,”


Here is a photo of Cheddar Bear on his first day in his forever home!


Cheddar Bear getting some love from Ryan, his new forever buddy!


Cheddar Bear was given his own forever blanket and he just knew he was safe and loved!


Here is a photo of Cheddar Bear 9 months following the adoption!


“He loves to play and he’s vocal with us,” admits Ryan.


Cheddar is one very affectionate kitty who just loves to give Eskimo Kisses!


One of the most difficult things for any cat lover to do is to grieve the loss of a beloved pet. We never forget about our fur-babies but one should never make such a harsh personal decision to never take in another pet.

Each and every cat person has a warm, soft spot in their hearts for all cats. To deny some kitty in need the benefit of knowing that loving human heart would be a complete waste of a lot of love.

While the pet you once had can never be replaced, you can give a new kitty in need just the chance he or she needs at a wonderful life!

Photo credits: Ryan Tronca