An Angry Mum Shares Story Of Neighbors That ‘Stole’ Her Cat!

If you’re an animal lover like us, you just know you have to pet every kitty you see on the road. Sometimes, they’ll just purr, but sometimes, they may follow you home. Yes, you may feed them, but you have to be careful, as there are many mischievous cats who can upset your neighbors.

This cat did exactly that – a mom recently complained that her neighbors have been trying to steal her cat, luring her with treats and putting a dedicated food bowl for her in their home!

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The angry mom wrote online asking if it’s unreasonable to leave them a note to bring him the cat back. “Stole is a bit of a harsh word, but they’ve coaxed him treats and a friend saw them taking him at their home!” the angry mom wrote. She adds that her cat is pretty friendly and likes to play with everyone who walks by. However, this is a clear example of overstepping boundaries.

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It all started pretty innocently – they called the cat cute, asked to pet it, and before the woman knew it, they’ve brought him home! The naughty neighbors were concerned about the cat wandering outside in the night, but the woman explained that she has a flap so he can come in and out as he wants to.

He just likes to roam around apparently

After posting her problem online, she received a slew of answers, all accusing the neighbors of theft. Some moms have shared similar experiences and advised the woman not to allow her neighbors to win.

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The woman posted pictures of the cute kitty, saying that due to his kidney problems, he’s on a special diet. The comments just kept coming, urging the woman to either close the flap or confront her neighbors and tell them to stop. The woman knocked on her neighbor’s door a few times, but after receiving no response, she decided to slip a note under it.

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We’re patiently waiting for the reply.