Man Had No Idea As To Why His Water Bill Is So High — Until One Day, He Caught His Cat …

One YouTuber, whose true name is Curt, went on to express his amusement when his feline friend did something that was unexpected – it had a cute but nasty little habit of flushing toilets, with its paws! Curt was watching ‘The Conjuring’ one night, and heard several flushing noises coming from his bathroom.

A bit creeped out, he took a camera along with him to film whatever was making that noise, however, it wasn’t the supernatural at all. It was actually his cat, playing – on the toilet seat.

Just watch how the cat behaves – he just does it over and over again! Also, Curt noted that his recent water bills were extremely high – and it was the cat who was responsible for all of it!

Watch the hilarious video right here!