Man Orders Cat Tree From Amazon – But There Was a “Small” Problem!

Cat and human aren’t very pleased.

“Note to self…check the dimensions of EVERYTHING before ordering on Amazon…” cewallace9 went on to share on reddit.

“Ok so before you all think I’m an idiot this is how this went down..I typed in cat scratching post. I was just scrolling and scrolling and came across that one..saw the picture and price and was like damn! Score! And ordered it. I went back just now in my order history and it says plain as day “doll furniture” in the title.”

Here is a photo of the scratching post in question:

“I’m not mad… I’m just… so disappointed, human.”

“It didn’t take long for him to destroy it. He promptly crushed it in his mouth and then threw it across the room.”

A lesson we can ALL learn from! Always read the fine

We believe this kitty deserves an epic cat tree now – maybe more than one!