These Cat Memes Are Just Hilarious!

The internet’s never-ending obsession with cats isn’t stopping anytime soon. Pics, videos, gifs and memes of funny cats are flooding the web and we can’t be more grateful about it. Cat memes are especially funny and can cheer you up in case you’re having a hard day.

Take a look at these cat memes and we’re sure you’ll burst with laughter:

1. That’s how a kitty gets his work done. If you don’t feed your kitty on time, you will surely regret it sooner or later. The kitty doesn’t joke when it comes to food.

2. This kitty is more concerned about the kitty than anyone else in the home. He will ensure that no evil power ever gets to touch this little baby.

3. These cats were pretty impressed by this caring neighbor. They were just wondering what it feels like to get inside that home. They are coming up with a plan to achieve that.

4. The cats are completely ready to attack. But wait a moment, how are they hunting? Can you see anything?

5. The kitty knows the purrfect way to punish you for your every crime. He is not scared of the consequences, but enthusiastic to see your reaction to what he did.

6. The kitty is still trying to figure out why this little kitten looks so different. Good luck with that, little kitty!

7. When you try to teach your kitty to live in harmony, but he follows his own principles. Well, what will you do now, hooman?

8. Does your kitty ever ruins your parties? Then you are not supposed to interfere with hers. Everyone has the right to live the life they want.

9. When you leave your kitty with your phone and she tried to invade your privacy but got caught.

10. When these animals understand each other than the humans do nowadays. You would be wishing for a friend like them by now.