Man Who Admittedly Didn’t Like Cats. What Changed Him?

This man didn’t think much of cats until he met a tiny orphan kitten in need of some motherly/fatherly love. He started bottle feeding the baby and today, they are inseparable.

“My boyfriend doesn’t (didn’t) love cats, so I was worried about bringing home this orphan rescue. Now, they won’t leave each other alone,” reddit user Just_Kitten_ wrote.

“She was a 2 week old orphan. My boyfriend and I have bottle fed her and she’s learned to love us, but hasn’t learned how to ‘play nice’ since she lacks litter mates and my older cat is not down to clown around with her. We are in the process of teaching her not to attack everything by trying to keep her busy with a variety of toys, but she is still a chow hungry nibble monster time to time. Still cute though!”

“He is looking at his phone, she is looking to bite his fingers as he scrolls through his messages.”

Now, they can’t stand being away from each other.


“We have another rescue cat that he has also fallen in love with. Hopefully he is ready for the future rescue cat house now,” she added.

Hardened man humbled by a loving, doting kitten!