Messiest Kitty To Ever Try To Eat Is Named, Luna

A little orphan kitten by the name of Luna can now eat from a dish on her own, however, it gets a bit messy, but she’s learning fast. A couple saved her from a rescue group right before she was to be euthanized.

Luna’s first attempt at eating from a plate was a real disaster.

“She was turned in to a wildlife rescue by law enforcement and they have no idea of her past,” the foster mom wrote via reddit. “We are fostering her because they were not allowed to keep her due to being a wildlife rescue and had to get rid of her ASAP because they had baby raccoons there who had potential ringworm.”

Luna was about 6 weeks then and she had been eating from a dish for about 1.5-2 weeks.

“We used a spoon to entice her but at first we even had to physically open her mouth to put food in. Now she goes for it all on her own!” the foster mom added.

On the first day at her new foster home. Luna’s eyes began to open.

Day 2: Her eyes appeared even brighter than before. A cuddling made Luna very content and happy!

On day 3, They filled a water bottle with warm water inside a sock for her to cuddle with in her nest box.

“She was an orphan so had KMR for the first few weeks, this picture was KMR mixed with canned food, and now she’s on straight cat food.”

Update: Luna has been adopted. What a relief!

But the food was just so yummy she just couldn’t help herself!