Missing Derbyshire Kitten “Stowed Away” in Police Van!

ENGLAND – At just 10-weeks-young, this cute little kitten who was from a farm in the Derbyshire Peak District has already used up a couple of her 9 lives apparently, after hitching a ride under the bonnet of a police van.

In fact, not only did the “missing purrrr-son” decide to hide in the vehicle, she probably also fell asleep in her warm and cozy spot because she managed to stay safely stowed away successfully until the van returned to the police station, some five hours after she first climbed on board.

The kitten stowed away in PC Rachel Baggaley's police car.

The kitten stowed away in PC Rachel Baggaley’s police car.


Even then, this little girl wasn’t “resisting a rest” and did not want her great adventure to come to an end because it was another 12 hours before she finally “bailed out” and then announced her presence in the Ashbourne police station car park, with some “fur-ball” abuse, meowing loudly when community police officer PC Rachel Baggaley arrived for her morning shift.

“I can’t believe she survived, to be honest,” stated PC Baggaley, who was unwittingly responsible for the cheeky kitten’s big trip.

“I’d only stopped at the house on a routine visit and I’d been playing with her so when I went to leave I checked under the van and near the wheels before driving off but there was no sign of her.

“I must have driven more than 40 miles with her hidden on board, I even stopped at another house for around an hour. I think she must have been very comfortable in her hiding spot because she didn’t make any effort to escape.

“When my shift finished, about five hours later, I parked up in the station car park and headed home. The next morning, I arrived at work and heard a very loud meowing and the little kitten came running out of one of the old cells.

“I think she’d had enough of her adventure and was ready to go home! It certainly brought a whole new meaning to the term station cat.”

PC Rachel Baggaley hands the kitten back to owner Doug Harrison.

PC Rachel Baggaley hands the kitten back to owner Doug Harrison.


The kitten, who was originally being called Harrison, will now be renamed by her owner, who is 55-year-old Doug Harrison, who farms near to Carsington Water. However, claims that he could not quite decide between the names Panda and Lucky.

“She’s full of life and quite feisty at times,’ he stated, “so I’m not surprised she survived her adventure but I was very relieved to see her when PC Baggaley brought her back to me the next day.

“I was worried she might have been run over or tried to escape because normally she stays very close to home. But, when I heard where she had been, I was amazed. That’s quite the journey for such a tiny kitten.

PC Rachel Baggaley with the kitten.

PC Rachel Baggaley with the kitten.


“So now she’ll probably be known as Panda, as she escaped in a police car, or perhaps Lucky, as I still can’t believe how far she travelled in the van without getting hurt, or worse.

“But thankfully she’s none the worse for her adventure, although we will be keeping a much closer eye on her next time we have visitors.”