Small Siamese Kitten Saved from Being Fed to Pet Snake!

LINCOLN, CALIFORNIA —A small kitten is now almost ready for adoption at a Lincoln feline center after it was rescued from being fed to a man’s pet snake, officials stated Tuesday.

The FieldHaven Feline Center received a phone call Monday from a veterinary hospital that had taken in a 5-week-old Siamese kitten.

A woman reportedly rescued the kitten from a man who had every intention of feeding it to his pet snake. The woman promptly took the kitten to a veterinarian for its own safety, the feline center explained.

“Alarmingly, this is what can happen when people offer free kittens to the public,” FieldHaven Executive Director Joy Smith stated. “We need to let people know that this is not a thing of the past. This happened in the Sacramento area.”

Once the kitten received an exam and squeaky-clean bill of health, he was then taken to FieldHaven, where he will be available for adoption soon.

Fieldhaven Feline Center is a nonprofit animal welfare organization which offers cats and kittens up for adoption.

There was no available update on the man who intended to feed the kitten to his pet snake.