Mom Buys Her Special Needs Cat a Special Cat Tree

Wolfie the cat was saved from the streets of LA after being found behind a building with a bunch of siblings. From the moment he was brought home, it was clear that there was something different with Wolfie.

He was sick all the time and couldn’t eat solid food. A trip to the vet and it was revealed that the poor kitten was born with a kinked esophagus. It was recommended to put Wolfie on an all-liquid diet and thanks to it, he grew into the funniest cat ever.

His mom, Jacqueline Santiago, says that Wolfie is the most hilarious cat. All the wants to do is play with other cats. Although he obviously needs special care, Wolfie doesn’t act like it.

He’s just like a normal cat and loves to hang out with other felines. Recently, his mom brought him and his siblings a toy that has completely changed Wolfie’s life.

This special cat tree from the Hollywood Kitty Company is a Godsend for the kitten. Jacqueline personally designed it with the company’s designer to come up with a special tree that will appeal to all the cats in her home, Wolfie included.

The tree stump is for Piper, the larger parts are for the bigger cats. The top platform is for Wolfie who likes to climb as high as he can.

It didn’t take a long time for the feline bunch to get the hang off it. All the cats love it, but Wolfie’s just enchanted by it. He runs through the tunnels, climbs on the tree and loves to have fun with it.

It’s like a new kingdom for him and we’re happy that the funny kitty loves it so much.