Mysterious but Frantic Meows Lead Firefighters to Trapped Kitten


DEERFIELD BEACH, FLORIDA. — Firefighters recently rescued a kitten that was trapped inside the wall of a home in South Florida, bringing an end to a family’s confusion about just where the frantic meows were coming from.

Broward County Sheriff’s Office Fire Rescue spokesman Mike Jachles states several firefighters on Monday safely removed the small gray kitten after cutting a hole in the wall in the Deerfield Beach family’s living room. Luckily, the kitten didn’t appear to be injured.

It’s completely unclear as to how the feline became trapped. Jachles says a neighborhood cat must have had a litter up inside the home’s attic, with the kitten then somehow falling down into the wall.

The Miami Herald reported that the family decided to adopt the kitten and have named it Hugo, after one of the amazing firefighter’s who rescued it, Hugo de Almeida.

Safe and sound, and home at last!