New Hair-style, Just For Cat Lovers!

Rainbow hair (and the many different variations of it) has been trending for quite awhile now.

And now, there is a new concoction that’s being dubbed the “rainbow-cat undercut.”

As Mashable reported, a woman who lives in Russia — who goes by the name of Katichka — posted a photo of her half-pink, half-blue hair of hair on Instagram — which was, we should note, a throwback moment to the days of ‪#‎SplitHair‬. But just wait, there’s more. The full effect is revealed once she turns around and lifts her hair to expose: the shape of a cat.

“My sleepy cat with me always,” she captioned the image she posted. The actual, live sleepy cat is this (slightly scary) feline that she posts about quite frequently. Katichka has already received over 16,000 likes on the cat-undercut photo since posting it a couple of days ago — and pet lovers everywhere are considering immortalizing their own animals onto their heads!

Katichka told Refinery29 that her new hair was inspired by the clothes she and her boyfriend sell, as well as “style and music by Melanie Martinez.” That, and the fact that she adores cats — specifically, her nine-month-old Sphinx, Maggy. (Katichka also just got a tattoo of Maggy, because of course.)

She tells Refinery29 that the hairstylist who cut her hair, Aliyousha, wanted to bring more creativity into her work, so Katichka offered up her head as a canvas.

“I think the reason why everybody liked the style so much is that we make it with all the love,” Katichka tells us. She adds that at first, she wasn’t crazy about all of the media coverage she was getting. “After the haircut, I felt a bit uncomfortable, ’cause such style attracts too much attention. For [the] first few days, I wore a hat, because in Russia such looks can be taken negatively.”

Eventually, Katichka’s friends cheered her up and she has received thousands of comments on Instagram since she posted the picture, and she says she’s very grateful for all of the love and attention she has received.

Looks like Katichka is bringing a brand-new, positive, and colorful meaning to the term … “cat hair.”