Rescue Stray Kitten Only Eats When Petted

A runty 1.5 pound rescue kitty came to the vet and had a seriously injured paw. She refused to eat at all, but when someone started to pet her, she began to chow down.

“When I opened the cardboard box that contained the kitten, I saw a little white and gray kitten who promptly hissed at me,” Dr. Ostermann of the Tails of a Shelter Vet wrote.

The kitten was immediately started on a treatment to make her comfortable and fight the infection that was already underway.

“We gave her food and a comfy padded bed. Although she had food available to her, she showed no interest. It was discovered that she would only eat when she was petted, and she would promptly stop eating when the petting stopped. With that being the case, the shelter staff made sure to oblige the kitten by providing her the extra attention so as to ensure she received her proper nutrition.”

The vet team there at the shelter fixed her bad leg up in surgery and “the kitten recovered quickly from anesthesia on a warm comfy bed with food and lots of petting to stimulate her to eat.”

The kitten began to learn to trust and love. With a lot of help and patience from the veterinarians, she finished all the food she needed to get stronger and the little buddy recovered quickly.

“She healed up and a rescue took her in to find her a forever home,” Tails of a Shelter Vet told the fine people at Love Meow.

All one needs is love.