NOW OPEN! Meet The Cats Of Los Angeles’ First Cat Cafe!

CALIFORNIA – Los Angeles’ very first cat cafe is now open. No more crawling around on the sidewalk with treats attempting to get feral cats to come out from underneath parked cars, no more standing wistfully in front of the adoption cubicles at Petco, no more hanging out with your friends’ cat in the corner at parties.

There is finally a place where you can play with as many as 15-20 adoptable kitties at a time, all while drinking a delicious beverage in a clean, chic spot that you don’t have to vacuum for cat hair afterwards.

Crumbs & Whiskers, originally based out in Washington D.C., has opened their L.A. location at 7942 Melrose Ave.

The menu consists of teas, hot chocolate, coffee and espresso drinks, all priced between $3 and $5. But obviously, they are calling their cappuccino a “cat-uccino.”

Other various food items consist of cookies and biscotti, but no savory items (because the cats might be inclined to try and steal them).

Because the health department does not allow food or drinks to be prepared in the same area as where the animals are, guests will place their order and then an employee will run out and retrieve it.

The space itself is brightly lit via street-facing windows and has a concrete floor, perfect for dangling one of their many cat toys across.

Seating is available at various tables as benches, as well as a big, fluffy cushion near the window. There are plenty of spaces for cats to hide and play, as well as shelving units for all of them to jump on, as they are wont to do. Apparel and other cat-related merchandise is also available for sale and should you take a liking to a particular cat, you can see about adopting him or her.

In the meantime, here’s a good look at the kitties you can expect to see there!