The Fate of These Three Blind Cat Siblings Will Inspire You!

INDIA – A Dubai woman who adopted these three blind cat siblings said she was simply moved to take action after hearing their tale of hardship.

Blue, Meadow and Little Willow were first found inside an abandoned warehouse and had lost their eyesight as a result of untreated feline influenza, Bored Panda reported.

They were then adopted by one owner but were later on given up and separated.

One man opted to take Blue in, but the disabled cat reportedly became very confused and even desperate for the company of his siblings.

Blue, Meadow and Little Willow. (Facebook/Three Blind Cats)

Blue, Meadow and Little Willow. (Facebook/Three Blind Cats)


Catherine Magno heard their tragic story and decided to adopt the inseparable trio in February.

“I had zero experience, having adopted my first ever rescue kitten just a couple of months prior,” she said to Bored Panda.

“But their story touched my heart so much that I couldn’t bear the thought of them put in a cage at a vet facility, or even worse.”

She went on to say that she initially thought taking in the blind siblings would require “a lot of adjustments on my part”.

However, the case has since proven to be quite the opposite, with Ms. Magno finding the cats “remarkably adaptive”.

She explained that she would make sure not to rearrange her furniture, in order to avoid throwing off the cats’ sense of direction.

“Blind pets see through their hearts,” Ms. Magno concluded.