Orphaned Kitten Suffering From An Injured Foot Asked a Couple For Help – What They Did Will Make You …

Recently, a couple stumbled upon a tiny orphaned kitten in the street, abandoned. The little one walked up to the couple, crying, asking for help.

Without hesitation, they took the kitten home. Since the little one had a bit of an injured foot, they decided to take him to the vet and slowly he began to heal.

The couple, who have been sharing adorable photos of the kitten on their Instagram page, now believe that the kitten was left behind by his mother and was just wandering the streets on his own trying to survive until the couple found him.

This dedicated couple feeds the kitten around the clock with just a syringe until he will be big enough for a bottle. How cute!

The kitten has also become best friends with the couple’s little girl. A terrific way to teach kids compassion towards animals, plus children with a companion animal in the home have higher self-esteem!

It’s been just about a month now since the rescue and thanks to the dedication of the kind couple, the kitty has certainly made a full recovery. He absolutely loves spending time with his human baby BFF, as well as the couple’s other cat. And like any tiny kitten, he jut loves to play with his guardian’s feet!

What a sweet little story!

Photo credits: @studio.allive/Instagram │ via: www.onegreenplanet.org