Family Cat’s Tail “Hacked Off” in Deliberate Act of Cruelty!

3-minBRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – A family was left completely devastated when they returned home to find their cat of 14-years was a victim of animal cruelty. Her tail was hacked off.

Philippa Stanford was picking up her seven-year-old son from school this past Friday April 22 in Auchenflower, an inner suburb of Brisbane, when the incident occurred.

After returning home Ms Stanford told the Brisbane Times her son realized something was very wrong with their cat Pellini.

‘He said “Mum, I don’t think the cat has a tail anymore”,’ Ms Stanford added.

‘Sure enough we followed her up to where she was and you could see really clearly, she only had 5 cm of tail and all this fur.
‘I didn’t know what to think, I was just stunned, I didn’t quite believe it.’

After taking Pellini to the local vet Ms Stanford was told her cat’s tail was deliberately cut of as there was no tearing or jagged edges at all which would indicate it was accidentally caught in something.


Ms Stanford was unable to find a tail or any blood on her property indicating the attack had occurred at some other location.

On April 26, Pellini was sent home and is continuing to recover well.


‘Pellini was in for a check up, after someone cut her tail off. It is healing beautifully and Dr. Sally was very pleased with her progress,’ stated Auchenflower Veterinary Surgery on Facebook.
The local vet also noted to Ms Sranford that a magpie was recently brought in to the surgery after its feet were cut off.

The police and RSPCA have been notified of the incident and are now calling on anyone with information to come forward.