Thankful Cat Owner Seeks Kind-hearted woman Who Sat with Trapped Cat for 4 Hours!

ENGLAND – A woman whose pet cat was rescued from a canal is now desperately searching for a way to thank the unknown person who saved him.

Three-year-old Tabby cat, whose name is Cooper, went missing on Saturday, July 9 and was not seen again until he was spotted hiding in an alcove above a canal lock four days later.

Firefighters were called by a mystery good Samaritan who decided to stay with Cooper for four hours until help arrived.

Stratton fire station’s specialist animal rescue team used an inflatable sled to try and pull the cat to safety after it was discovered along the East Wichel canal on Wednesday, July 13.

Owner Sam Rampton, who is 31, of Wichelstowe, stated: “I want to be able to say ‘thank you’ to the lovely lady that saw Cooper and stayed with him for four hours.

“If she hadn’t have seen him he definitely would not have made it out from where he was.”

The RSPCA returned little Cooper to his thankful owner at 7.30pm last Wednesday.

“It’s not uncommon for Cooper to go for a little wander for a couple of days, which is which is why I didn’t panic immediately,” stated Sam.

“But I’m so pleased to finally have him back home.”

She went on to say: “I have asked the RSPCA to thank the person on my behalf, but unfortunately they are not able to pass on the message.”

Appealing to the unknown cat rescuer, Sam stated: “Without your kind hearted action Cooper would likely still be there, if not worse.

“I hope that you will see this and know how truly grateful I am to you.”

She also thanked the members of the RSPCA for looking after Cooper.

“Since he has come home he has slept coming up for 24 hours now. He is very skinny and even more stinky.

“All his furry housemates have welcomed him back and are waiting to play with him when he wakes up.”