People Are Heaping Love on Firefighters Who Brought Cleo the Cat ‘Back to Life’!

IOWA – Ames cat resident, whose name is Cleo, is a very lucky feline. The Ames Fire Department shared all of the details this week about a very moving Labor Day rescue on its Facebook page.

Rich Higgins, who is Ames deputy fire chief, said around 15 crew members responded to an accidental house fire at 922 Duff Ave in Ames at 1:57 pm on Monday. Everyone was rescued, including Cleo, the owner’s cat who was rescued from the house’s basement. She was found unresponsive and not breathing.

“The crew worked tirelessly for over 30 minutes to bring her back to life,” states a Facebook post. “The Ames Fire Department keeps special pet revival masks on all apparatus because we know that pets are family too!”

“People love their pets …. Pets are part of people’s families,” Higgins stated.

Followers of the Facebook post praised the work of fire officials, praising them for the effort to save a pet’s life.

“Bless you all for saving this kitty’s life!” one user commented. “For many of us, our pets are our babies and/or best friends. Thank you!”

At the very end of the post, which has been shared more than 700 times, the fire department reminded everyone to never go back into a burning building to rescue pets or loved ones. They encourage: “Let the professionals make the rescue, we have the training and equipment to be successful!”

The owner is very optimistic about Cleo’s recovery, according to the post. Thankfully, Cleo has regained full neurological function and is still being treated for respiratory issues.