Elderly Woman Arrested For Making Purses Out Of Neighbors “Missing” Cats!

MICHIGAN – A gruesome story which came out of Grand Haven, Michigan had residents at this small town shocked and disturbed. Marjorie Reynolds, who was 91 at the time, was described as a quiet, elderly women who waved at strangers and also neighbors as they walked by.

However, Reynolds had a more sinister private side, as neighbors learned after 19 missing neighborhood cats were found dead in her home. But they weren’t just dead. They had been skinned and cured – with many of them made into purses.

Yes, you are reading that correctly – purses!

Reynolds went on to explain to authorities in her recorded confession that she had taken up the hobby of “arts and crafts.”

Reynolds went on to add that the neighborhood cats would come to her all the time so she would feed them. However, it was when one of the neighborhood cats died that she decided to bring it into the house and decided to “not have it go to waste.”

“She said the first handbag turned out so beautiful, that she kind of got hooked on it,” stated Detective John Williams of the Grand Haven, Michigan Police Department. “She is still denying that she killed any of the cats, just that they just all ‘mysteriously died’. But were having trouble believing her, 19 cats is a whole lot of dead cats.”

Reynolds reportedly had a history of dementia and family members stated that her mental issues definitely played a role.