Singapore Cat Community Group Rescues Cat Cowering In Middle Of A Busy …

SINGAPORE – The administrator of Kitty Konnexion Community, which is a Singapore cat community group, rescued a cat he happened to see stranded in the middle of a very busy multi-lane road in Johor Bahru.

A video of the bold pick-and-run was uploaded on the Kitty Konnexion Community page back on May 8.

The footage in the clip clearly shows the cat cowering motionless along the central divider of the right-most lane, as it appeared too frightened to move from its position in case it got run over, as the car pulled up close to it.

According to the original post, the driver was traveling in the direction of Danga Bay in JB when he first noticed the cat. He had to make a detour to go back to it.

The man explained in the post the cat appeared to be injury-free, except that all four paws are blistered and bloodied and he is currently looking for a local vet. Any offer of donations or support is also appreciated to defray the costs of the cat’s medical bill.

According to that post, the rescuer is an administrator of the Kitty Konnexion Community page.

What an amazing guy!