Controversial Medieval Cat Paintings

Cats have been immortalized in murals and painting for a long time. Some of these paintings go centuries back, and many of them are…what’s the word? Controversial fits. Just take a look at these paintings made by medieval monks. They made a whole lot of illuminated manuscripts filled with beautiful works of art. Well, if you consider cats licking their butts beautiful (we’re not sure we do).

Nobody’s really sure why the monks drew this stuff. After all, butt licking isn’t a sight everyone wants to see. In theory, the monks were probably bored and wanted to mess with people. Sneaking in naughty pictures of cats is a pretty fun thing to do, especially in medieval times.

That’s only a theory, of course. No one knows why cats licking butts made it to numerous illuminated manuscripts, but it’s certainly funny.

Take a look at the best ones below if you dare.