How To Play The Shell Game With Your Cat Or Dog

Everyone knows about the “Shell Game”. Humans have been gambling with other humans for many centuries with the Shell Game.

However, we can play this game with our loved pets, too. Trying to trick them is highly recommended because it stimulates their intellect. Their hunting skills aren’t just physical – they’re mental.

Materials needed:

  1. Three or more of the same containers (cups, shells, bottle caps, or anything else)
  2. A small ball or bell
  3. Treats for your pets. They will smell the treat to select the correct shell to pick!
  4. One very playful puppy or kitty.

STEP 1. Let your pet smell the treat

If the pet is really excited, we can give them a few treats to calm them down.

STEP 2. Put the treat under the container – but don´t move the containers yet

STEP 3. Get your pet to smell the container

When he gets excited about the container with the treat under it, praise him. Just kick the container over and let him get the treat.

STEP 4. Repeat this process by switching the container the treat is actually hidden under

STEP 5. Let your pet smell the treat

Put the treat under the container. Move the containers slowly around and around.

STEP 6. Once your pet gets the hang of the game, you can then play with a ball instead of treats

You can also add more complexity by spacing the containers further apart or adding more containers.

Your pet’s hunting skills aren’t just physical – they’re mental.

It will surprise you just how good cats are at playing this game.

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