Taylor Swift’s Rumored Breakup Resurfaces A Shitty Stereotype!

68141-minHOLLYWOOD – On Wednesday, rumors spread throughout the internet about whether or not Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris were still a couple. Neither Swift nor Harris has addressed it, and at this point it can only be acknowledged as rumor and gossip from undisclosed sources.

Regardless of whether the two artists are still together or not, the public has chosen its reaction. It’s mostly been jokes about how the breakup will make for a new killer Swift album. But nestled in between those musings is a very real sentiment that the Swift-Harris split was inevitable, “because nobody wants to date a cat lady”.

The cat lady is probably the most over-used stereotypes of our time. We’ve all heard them: “She is over 40”. “She lives alone, not by choice”, but because no man will have her”. “She owns a minimum of five cats, who satisfy both the human-pet relationship and the role of confidant”. And though the cats have become hugely glorified on the internet and single women are more numerous and powerful than ever, Swift’s cats Meredith and Olivia have literally been turned against her. What was once an example of how cool and dorky and relatable Swift was is now the very reason she’s been dumped by Harris.


Not only are her kitties the reason she was allegedly dumped, but Twitter users now recommend that Swift achieve her full form as a cat lady and simply go home and seek solace with her feline friends — and maybe a pint of ice cream.

And hey, maybe she will write a killer album. But she’s not allowed to be sad! She made a social contract to be a cat lady, and she must follow through.

So, there you have it. Swift was dumped because society dictates that she must simply be alone forever. And just in case you were thinking this is a one-time instance, internet users are saying that she will repeatedly get her heart broken — all because she has a couple of best furry friends.