Police Raid Discovers 36 Dead Animals in a Pet Store!

Marinda Parks, a 38-year old pet store owner, has been charged with animal cruelty and neglect after a routine inspection found 36 dead animals in her store! Parks now faces 203 charges after her shop’s raid. Her business, Pitter Patter Pet Store, wasn’t even opened yet after moving from another location.

Besides the three dozen dead animals, police officers also seized 90 live animals during the raid, with guinea pigs, cats, dogs, and hamsters among them. One of the police officers said that the stench in the shop was so bad they wore masks. Parks’ lawyer is still refusing to comment on the raid.

After news broke of the dead animals, Parks has been receiving death threats. According to the police officers at the scene, there were whole groups of dead animals in single cages, and the conditions were abysmal, with no food or water bowls around and feces all over the place. At the moment, Pitter Patter is listed as closed, and we think that it should stay that way permanently.