It’s Pretty Cold Right Now, And This Cat Surely Won’t Leave The Heater’s Side Soon!

Winter has been ravaging the Northern hemisphere in the last few weeks, with everyone seeking shelter from the cold. It’s the same in Japan, with snow and cold paralyzing Tokyo. Everyone’s trying to warm up every way they can, and cats are not an exception.

Busao the cat is a cat from Japan who loves the heater of his owner Ryuji Tan. “He sits in front of it all day long, and who can blame him – it’s pretty cold right now,” Tan says. Busao surely enjoys the warmth – if you ask us, he enjoys it a bit more than he needs to. On some of the pictures posted online, Busao seem like he’s worshiping the lamp, and everyone’s loving it!

Tan adopted the cat from the streets of Ibaraki, a small town in Japan. As he explains, Busao was a stray cat and is now about 9 years old. Tan posts pictures of his lovely cats on his Instagram profile and they’re pretty popular, with thousands of people already following the account. And who can blame them – Busao’s pictures are pretty interesting, and it seems he won’t be leaving the spot in front of the heater soon!

Check out the pics below: