Pregnant Cat Discovered Dumped In Trash And Sadly, Her …

ENGLAND – An investigation has officially been launched after a pregnant cat was found dumped in a bin bag inside a taped-up pet carrier.

A member of the public discovered the cat in an alleyway off St Saviour’s Road, Adderley Park, back on August 16.

Pregnant cat ‘Maggie’ was found dumped in an alleyway near Adderley Park (Image: RSPCA)

The tortoiseshell cat, who is said to be just seven months old, was found inside a cat carrier which had been sealed with gaffer tape and dumped with rubbish in the street.

Sadly the cat, who has since been named Maggie by animal rescue workers, subsequently miscarried her kittens. She is now safely recovering at Ashmore Rescue for Cats in Wolverhampton.

The RSPCA have launched an official appeal for any information about who may have abandoned Maggie in the alleyway.

Maggie was found dumped in a bin bag inside a taped-up pet carrier in St Saviour’s Road (Image: RSPCA)

RSPCA inspector Mike Scargill states: “It is very concerning that someone dumped Maggie like she was rubbish. She had been placed inside a bin bag, which was put inside a cat carrier that had been sealed with gaffer tape.

“Given that someone went to these lengths to get rid of her, it is likely that whoever did this did so with the intention of leaving her to die.

“We don’t know how long the cat was in there for, but there was a lot of urine and faeces inside the cat carrier.

“She is very, very lucky that she was found as she was just dumped amongst rubbish in the street and it is likely many people walked past without realising there was an animal inside there.

“Sadly, we have since heard that she miscarried her kittens which is likely to be as a result of her traumatic experience.