Pretty Litter – Is It That Good?

By now, you may have heard everything about Pretty Litter. It’s more than just regular litter – Pretty Litter claims that it can detect illnesses your cat has. Of course, it’s not a replacement for vets, but it aims to be a useful tool for ailment detection in cats.

Animals aren’t like us. They can’t tell us they’re hurting, and even if they show symptoms, you can’t know for sure what the problem is until you visit the vet. Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to detect illnesses in our furry friends without taking a trip to the vet? That’s what Pretty Litter claims to have solved. It claims that the crystals in the litter change color when your cat is ill, so it’s easier to tell when something’s wrong.

How Does it Work?

The color-coded crystals change their color depending on your cat’s PH urine level. If it’s normal, the crystals will be yellow or green. When the number is low, they’ll turn dark, and if your cat’s PH is high in case of a urinary tract infection, the crystals will turn blue.

As soon as you notice that the color of the Pretty Litter has changed, you can book an appointment with your vet and see if there are any problems that need to be fixed. Of course, the possibility of false negatives still exists, but it’s still a useful tool that can help determine any problems. Sometimes, stress can alter the PH of your cat’s urine, and other factors have an influence too.

Crystal Clear?

Opinions are divided online about the Crystal Litter. Some claim that it has helped them detect cat illnesses in early stages which led to vets saving their cat’s life. Others are adamant that the crystals don’t work. Additionally, the crystals are pretty different than regular cat litter, so it may be a bit problematic for your cat.

Many users have been complaining about a lot of dust. If that’s the case, you can mix it up with your favorite cat litter. If you’re still not sure about it, but you’re intrigued by the idea, try it out with a smaller amount first – that should help you see if Crystal Litter is the real deal.

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