Rescued Tabby Helps Care and Nurse Baby Goat Back to Health

Iker a baby goat had quite a rough beginning in his life but then he met Cody a rescued tabby cat who sensed that the little goat was injured and needed some support and help. Cody offered himself to help look after and nurse Iker back to health.

Iker was rescued with a broken leg by an operation called the Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary who teamed up with Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary to help save the little baby goat’s life. Iker needed a lot of love and comfort to help him get better.


Cody was born a feral cat who has FHV. He’s learned first-hand how to be a survivor and is now trying to teach Iker everything he needs to know so that he can recover, too. The tabby cat didn’t leave his baby goat out of his sight, and before too long moved from his own bed to snuggle with Iker in his every night.

Watch video of Cody taking good care of his baby goat, giving him a lot of kisses!


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