RSPCA in Search of ‘Forever Home’ For Elderly Cat After ‘Devastating’ Double Loss!

ENGLAND – An elderly cat is looking for a new home having lost his owner and his best friend in a short space of time.

Felix is having an extremely tough time after both his owner and his best friend died within a matter of months of each other.

The fluffy black and white senior cat came into the RSPCA’s centre in West Hatch, Somerset, under the charity’s Home for Life scheme following the death of its previous owner.

Sadly Cola, his very best kitty friend who came into the centre alongside him, died from a long-standing illness and now Felix has been left all alone.

Staff members are now more determined than ever to find him a new home so he can enjoy his twilight years with new owners to cuddle up to.

Anita Clark, who is deputy manager of the centre, stated: “Felix is such a gorgeous older cat who has had a really tough time lately.

“We just want to see him happy and cared for in a new home where he can enjoy cuddles and comfort like every elderly cat should.

“It is so sad when animals come in to us because their owners have passed away.

“That is a heart-breaking situation in itself – but when his best friend Cola died from long-standing kidney problems too it was devastating.

“Felix is such a sweet boy and is so gentle.

“He will make one lucky home a lovely companion.”

She went on to say: “He is an elderly gent so he does have a couple of mild health issues which need medication but these are covered under the Home for Life scheme.

“He is such a joy to have around.

“He has been spending most of his time in the cattery snoozing, and can often be found sunbathing on his back.

“He is a super cat that really deserves a lucky break to find the forever home.”