Russian Girl Adopts a Kitty Not Knowing How Unique It Is

Adoption is way better than buying a pet. Just ask Dasha, a Russian girl from Russia. Dasha always wanted a kitten and her mother knew it. One day, Dasha’s mother decided to adopt a kitten for her girl from a local shelter. Dasha went with her mother to a caretaker and saw two kittens who wouldn’t be separated. They were so cute together, so they took both kittens home. They could never imagine that one would grow up so unique.

They named the kitten with a rather unique pattern on its fur Simina. As Simina grew older, she started shedding. A lot! Dasha and her mother were not sure what was happening, and the kitty was eventually left with almost no fur. Cats shed a bit, but not as much as Simina. This left the poor kitten without most of her fur save for a patch on her belly.

The strange patch wasn’t the only thing making Simina so unique. Apparently, the cat developed cravings for candy and ice cream!

Despite her strange look, though, the family loves their unique cat. Simina acts just like a normal cat. She loves a good rub and playing with other cats.

She shows Dasha how much she loves her every day, cuddling with the Russian girl every minute she can.