This Might Very Well Be The World’s Angriest Cat – The Reason She’s Angry Will Break Your Heart!

Are you by any chance having a bad day?

Well, you might wish to spare a thought for Shamo, the cranky cat who appears to be permanently pissed off with the world.

Sadly, Shamo has been stuck in a Tokyo shelter for over a year now and she clearly disapproves.

She has her own page on the shelter website as well as a Twitter account (@shamo_girl), and upon your first glance at her pics you just might be forgiven for thinking they had been photoshopped.

How can a cat be so angry and so often?

Perhaps it’s just a bad case of RBF (Resting Bitch Face), or maybe Shamo just needs a good, loving home and a little love, and needs it right now.

Would you adopt poor Shamo?

The better question is, what self-respecting cat lover wouldn’t adopt her?

Source: Twitter | Rencontrer Mignon