Abandoned Cat Meows Outside Front Door For 6 Months

This beautiful abandoned cat needed a home. She was wandering the streets for far too long, and one day arrived at a porch frozen and in need of help. The owners just moved in their new home.

They heard faint meows coming from the outside and went to the door to discover a poor soul. The abandoned cat was skinny and confused, but it was obvious she was previously someone else’s cat. They soon realized that the cat named Honey was left behind by the previous house owners.

The family let the kitty in and contacted the RSPCA. Honey was brought to a shelter and vets immediately examined her. It was concluded that Honey was suffering from hyperthyroidism, which made her so skinny. Honey was put on therapy and was doing well. However, she was also said and needed a new home. No one took a look at her, so the staff decided to help.

Two hundred days later, Honey was still not adopted. She watched all the other cats get picked first and start their new lives. Without any friends, the cat become stressed and bored. It started affecting her mentally and physically, with no new home on the horizon.

The 8-year old was very sweet with the staff. She loved cuddling all day long and wanted to play as well. She was the perfect pet, but no one took her in.

Honey is still up for adoption in the UK. She needs a quiet home and would be perfect for a home without any children. She’d work best without any pets as she’s not exactly socialized with others. She’s not wild at all, but other pets could become a problem. Of course, Honey needs to be taken care of. She needs hyperthyroidism meds, with the shelter willing to cover the costs.

Honey is a perfect cat despite her age, so if you’re interested, contact the RSPCA.