Second “Chance” for a Kitty Aptly Named, Chance!

This is the story of Chance!

This adorable wee one of a kitten was found alone and scared, walking around the inside of an elementary school.

A kind-hearted teacher found him and knew she had to do something to help this little guy.

All’s well that ends well. The teacher ended up taking Chance home, giving him the second “chance” all kitties so deserve!

1-min(Wandering around a school by yourself is not place for you, wee one!)

2-min (And what a remarkable example this teacher set for her students. Lesson of the day: Compassion 101!)

3-min (What Chance needed more than anything was food, water and a loving human to call his own!)

4-min(Chance not only has a new home now, he has a brand new furry brother named Ash!)

5-min (These two fuzzies are nothing short of inseparable now!)


 (In a purr-fect world, every stray kitty would get a second chance like Chance got!)

Photo credits: Instagram