Cat Training to Be A Cat Burglar, or Something, (We Think!) – VIDEO!

RUSSIA – This hilarious kitty video, if not slightly unnerving, shows a curious cat taking a peek through a window.

Filmed somewhere in Russia, the feline is nowhere to be seen as the video begins.

Then suddenly, two white ears appear at the bottom of the window frame, before the cat’s full face comes into view.

Its wide-eyed expression simply cannot be missed, as it continues to rise and get a better look at what’s inside.

But just then, as if it has seen something to spook it, the cat lowers down once more, before disappearing completely.

If the animal is trying to be som kind of a cat burglar, it will have to develop some quicker reactions than this.

The clip was uploaded onto YouTube, with people labeling the cat a ‘stalker cat’, ‘freaky’, and that it has ‘serious paranoia’.

As Karla Anne Lineback commented: ‘There is no reason why this should have just made me laugh as hard as it did.’