Shelter Staff Discover Cats in Carrier Accompanied by Emotional Note Upon Arrival at Work

One recent morning, staff at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue found a cat carrier in their play area. It wasn’t there the day before. Inside were two well-groomed cats and a note. The note said, “My name is Baby. My mommy can’t take care of me anymore. Please find me and my sister a new home. Thank you!”


The Shelter Staff Reacts

“When we read the note, we all felt it,” said Brooke Fornea, the Director of Marketing and Guest Experiences at the rescue center. “Some of us cried. We felt sad for both the cats and the person who had to leave them. We wondered what led to this tough choice.”

cat in carrier

Security footage showed the cats arrived just before the shelter opened. The previous owner put them in a safe, shaded area. This made sure the staff would find them quickly.

cat in carrier 2

A New Beginning for the Cats

Fornea also spoke about the cats’ future. “Leaving them must have been hard. That’s why we posted their story online. We wanted to give the former owner some peace, knowing the cats are safe and well.”

A loving family has now adopted Baby and her sister. They’re settling well into their new home. Their new family is grateful for the care given by their previous owner. This ensures that the cats can enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.

This touching story shows how far some pet owners will go to make sure their pets are safe. It also highlights the vital role that shelters like Brother Wolf play in turning sad stories into happy outcomes.