Woman Discerns Unusual Sounds and Discovers 2-Week-Old Kitten Trapped Inside Wall

In San Antonio, a woman recently encountered a puzzling scenario – she heard strange noises emanating from her walls. “At first, she wondered if she was imagining things,” reveals Lisa Norwood, Public Relations Manager for San Antonio Animal Care Services.

Curious Investigation and the Surprise Response

Determined to unearth the mystery, the woman tapped on the wall and, to her shock, received a responding meow that sounded like a kitten calling for help! The origin of the kitten and the whereabouts of its mother remained unknown, prompting her to call the fire department and animal care services swiftly.


Swift Action: San Antonio Rescuers Arrive

In no time, the San Antonio Fire Department, along with Animal Care Officer John Cortez and Apprentice Mariana Gine, arrived. The cries from within the walls grew louder, compelling the rescue team to act fast.

wall with hole

Upon identifying the source of the noise, they created a small opening in the wall. Suddenly, the cries escalated – they were getting closer. With a little more effort, they successfully extricated the frightened 2-week-old gray kitten, promptly naming her Nimbus.

Bright Horizons: Nimbus Finds a New Home

Currently, Nimbus is enjoying the comfort and care at the Animal Defense League of Texas. The staff there are diligently ensuring she gets all the necessary care for her growth and well-being. Nimbus is on her way to finding a permanent home, and Lisa Norwood is hopeful about her future. “Sunny days are certainly ahead. Little Nimbus has the sky as her limit,” she expresses with a smile.

rescue kitten

This incident serves as a testament to the San Antonio community’s compassion and attentiveness. It’s a reminder that, whether it’s a hidden cry for help or a subtle indication of distress, our small actions can make a significant difference. For Nimbus, this marks the beginning of a journey filled with promise and endless opportunities, all thanks to a listening ear and a helping hand.