Trapped Kitten Steals Spotlight At Fairfield County Horse Show

CONNECTICUT — A stowaway kitten seems to have caused quite a scene at the Fairfield County Hunt Club Horse Show Wednesday morning, taking a ride under a worker’s car hood and then refusing to come out.

Westport Fire personnel already on scene for fire safety stand-by spent a total of two hours or more working to extricate the frightened feline, raising the vehicle and removing various parts of the car to be able to access the area where they could hear meowing, fire officials stated.


The owner of the car, who is a Hunt Club employee, explained she stopped at a Norwalk Dunkin’ Donuts on her way to work and came out of the shop to find someone looking underneath her car. The person told her he saw a small kitten jump up under the car and when they couldn’t locate the cat, she continued on her way to the Westport club, according to fire officials.

Once she arrived at the Long Lots Road club, she heard meowing herself coming from the engine compartment, and realized the cat was still indeed on board and summoned fire personnel.


The crew then called the shift commander and rescue company and finally retrieved the adorable black kitten from a small space between the front bumper and the radiator, fire officials explained.

Westport Animal Control Officer Gina Gambino took the kitten to be checked out by a veterinarian who was already on the premises for the horse show.

Fire personnel stated the Hunt Club staff planned to take in the kitten, whom they have officially named, Bumper.