Silly Cat Takes a Seat – Right On Another Cat’s Head!

Cats are renown for their ability to be comfortable just about anywhere. In tiny boxes, in sinks. in Bodega refrigerators, and the list goes on and on!

This top cat in this video clip spots something of interest out the window and then proceeds to stands over its buddy to get a better look. Nothing too unusual, clearly, since the cat on the bottom takes the opportunity to perform a quick cleaning of its friend.

However, the top cat then decides to really settle in to enjoy the view and just plops himself down on the bottom cat’s head.

The bottom cat immediately attempts to squirm away while pawing at the top cat’s body but to absolutely no avail. In fact, the top cat appears to be more than a little annoyed that his chosen “cushion” is moving around too much.

It seems relief is only achieved when the top cat decides to lean forward a bit.

You would think the bottom cat would try to get some distance, but that didn’t happen! It sees another spot on its pal that could use some grooming and gets right back to work.

YouTube Video Source