These Ungrateful Cats Have No Use For Expensive Things And They’re Not Afraid To Show It

Getting a nice costly gift for your cat is always a crap shoot.

Most of the times, the most elaborate ones are completely ignored while an old cardboard box instantly becomes an object of overwhelming affection.

As wonderful as they are as pets, cats are just plain unpredictable when it comes to showing appreciation for stuff.

Their generally cool demeanor signifies they’re always a little skeptical of what you’ve brought them, no matter how much money you spent.

The people who shot these photos pulled out all the stops to get their kitties some really nice gifts, but it didn’t exactly go the way they hoped it might!

Get ready to laugh your socks off!

1. Just look at this cat. Here, his owner bought him an awesome shark bed and he wants absolutely nothing to do with it. “No thanks. I’m good with this paper bag.” They’ll definitely think twice before spending that dough at the pet store next time.

2. It’s certainly no secret that cats love to lay around the house and do pretty much nothing. So, you think that buying them a comfy bed would be the ultimate gift, guess again. At least this one is sort of using the bed he was given.

3. Never afraid to blaze a trail, house cats have a way of showing you that they like to do things on their own terms. Even if that means sacrificing comfort or logic. “Your rules mean nothing to us,” they seem to say time and again.

4. Sometimes it is easy to feel as though your cat is ignoring all of the hard work you’ve put into supplying them with nice things. Here is a great example of someone’s cat doing just that. “I see the water fountain, but I do what I want.”

5. Here, another classic example of a cat just ignoring the luxury of having their own bed. “Sure, I could easily lay in the comfortable bed you just bought with a portion of your paycheck that you set aside exclusively for that purpose, but rebelling is kind of just what I do around here.”

6. It’s crazy to think about all of the hard work that designers must put into coming up with new houses and castles for cats to “enjoy,” just to have them go unused in their home. When will pet owners learn? All your cat wants is the box!

7. Every feline parent knows full well that they don’t like get into their carriers. It just reminds them of having to go to the veterinarian for checkups. When your cat chooses the carrier over the bed, you’ve definitely lost the game.

8. You might think that just because your cat lays in a certain area of your home that if you put their bed there they will use it, but rest assured, they will not. Here, a cat opts for a dustbin over his comfy bed that his owner placed atop the dryer.

9. Cats are so quick to use the box that their new toys and houses come in that it almost seems like they think the box is actually the house itself. Just look at this adorable kitten. Do you think he knows what he’s up to or no?

10. For as much as cats like to ignore their cat beds, you kind of have to admit that having an entire human-sized couch to yourself does sound a lot better than a tiny bed. You win this one, kitty, but be sure to use the bed next time!

11. They say that the proof is in the pudding and this picture is a perfect example — cats will never be forced to like their towers. “I know you bought this cat tower for me, but I don’t care. I want to play in the box, it’s so much fun for me!”

12. This might actually be the most intricate cat palace of all time. Just look at all of the stairs, platforms, and it even has a hammock. Talk about luxury! But what does the cat have to say about it? Consider this the Leaning Tower of Screw You.

13. There’s also a pretty good chance that cats just don’t understand how to use their beds. Just take this one for example. He clearly thinks his bed is a hat. “Does this thing go on my head? I’m a cat, what do I know?”

14. The problem here is that the bed, as cozy as it may appear to everyone else, is placed right on a carpet that looks equally as comfortable. Either that or the cat is respecting that the bone-covered house is actually made for dogs.

15. Just look at these two naughty cats. They were both given the most extravagant and luxurious amenities that any cat could ever ask for, but no, they’re purists. They have to go against the grain and forge their own paths.

16. “They’re calling them ‘cats’ and they’re the newest way to waste money!” At least the cat on the left had the right idea, they just didn’t know how to execute it correctly. As for the cat on the right, just be happy that he’s anywhere near his bed!

17. It should go without saying that just because a designer made a toy or scratching post for a cat, it doesn’t mean that they know what it is intended for. Can you really blame this cat for just giving up and stretching out on this scratching post?

18. Now, these cats are just rubbing it in their owner’s faces with how close they are to using their beds correctly. “I know what I’m supposed to do with these things, but I don’t care. Not one bit. You don’t control me.”