Auto Mechanic Saves Kitten’s Life!

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND – An auto mechanic by the name of Evan Nielsen did not know just what to expect when Providence Animal Control asked for his help on Wednesday.

Instead of a car needing repair, Nielsen, who is the assistant manager of Monro Muffler Brake & Service, had been recruited to help retrieve a small kitten who had crawled into the car’s undercarriage and gotten stuck there.

Animal shelter volunteers believe the kitten simply climbed into the undercarriage and hung on for the whole ride from Scituate to Providence.

According to Nielsen, after just about a half hour of struggling to reach the kitten, he was finally able to get the cat out from the undercarriage. Nielsen was happy to help save the day.

“This is my first live animal I got to save so it was pretty cool,” he stated.

The approximately nine-week-old calico kitten is now at the Scituate Animal Shelter and will be put for adoption in the next few days if no one claims her.