Stranded Cats Rescued As Flood Waters Rise in Walmgate, York, UK – Watch Dramatic Rescue Video

WALMGATE. YORK, UK – The hysterical cat was carried to safety from his flooding home and reunited with his frantically worried owners.

This one terrified cat was rescued from her flooded home as a team from the RSPCA waded through the waist high water to save him.

The specially trained water rescue squad from the RSPCA grabbed Pawsy and as the footage shows he made his voice heard too.

The RSPCA’s five-strong team also went on to rescue two other kitties, Fluffy and Squeakers, from a house in Huntington Road.

RSPCA deputy chief inspector Ben Strangwood stated: “Both of the families had been evacuated from their homes because of rising water and had reluctantly left their cats in the houses with food and drinking water.”

“Our teams waded through the flood water, went into the houses, caught the cats and managed to bring them out in carriers.”

He added: “This has been an extremely stressful time for the families and they were very pleased to see their pets and grateful to our officers for helping.”

Deputy chief inspector Strangwood added: “In a strange twist of fate Pawsy was actually adopted from the RSPCA so he’s been rescued by us twice now.”

The specially trained team working in York is made up of RSPCA officers Sue Haywood, Stuart Wainwright, Peter Warne, Michelle Hare and were headed by Mick Darling.

In total 20 RSPCA officers have been deployed over the festive period providing assistance across Yorkshire and Lancashire amidst the floodings.

They have helped moved sheep to higher ground, checked the welfare of horses and even saved a tiny mole which was spotted swimming in the flood water.

All the animals have been evacuated and are with fosterers.

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Photos by RSPCA

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