This Handicapped Kitten Has Had A Rough Life, But He’s A Fighter!

Brownie is a two-toed handicapped kitten rescued from a local shelter by a woman named Justina Strumilaite some time ago. Brownie was born handicapped and has only 2 toes on his tiny paw. However, this hasn’t wavered his desire for life – as a matter of fact, the kitten is a great fighter!

No one really believed in Brownie, and even experts didn’t give it more than a few weeks of life. However, Justina never gave up on Brownie, and he has developed quite well.

Once she brought the kitten at home, she fed him quality food and nourished him back to strength. Brownie gained weight after some time, and became much more active and playful. He grew day by day and he is quite handsome now.

Brownie is now a great happy cat. Justina says he’s quite intelligent, and the handicap doesn’t really affect his life. Brownie is similar to a dog – he responds when being called, and loves kissing people on the cheek.

The biggest change in Brownie’s case was his personality. Justina was a beacon of hope for the unlucky cat – she gave him the will to live and he overcame his handicap pretty well.

Take a look at Brownie now – he’s bigger and fluffier than ever! He’s a loving cat, and his story is an inspiration to us all.