These Cats Will Make Their Humans Regret Taking Them To The Groomer!

Many people make the mistake of taking their cat to a pet groomer. Unlike dogs, cats aren’t really fond of groomers. Their fur is pretty elegant and not suitable for grooming, yet many pet owners decide to get their cats groomed.

Take a look at this collection of cat grooming mistakes – yeah, we agree they look awful!

1. Is that why cats don’t trust their hoomans easily?

2. She will not forgive the groomer and her hooman ever!

3. Can you please explain what were you trying to do!

4. Did you see a cat that managed to not kill the groomer?

5. I knew you were jealous of me.

6. Do you find me amusing now?

7. Don’t you ever take me back to that dumb groomer or I will kill him!

8. This cat is totally reviewing his decision to take in his hooman. Maybe he will reconsider it if it happens again.

9. You could have asked me to give you kittens instead of doing that to me. What will you do out of it now?

10. Even I can’t recognize myself.