World’s Longest House Cat Among 2017 Guinness Entries!

UNITED KINGDOM – Guinness World Records has just announced the release of its 2017 compendium of all things which are superlative. No doubt, the animal kingdom will be well represented as usual, as evidenced by the company’s preview nuggets, in the form of a very long cat and a very large dog.

First, the cat.

This gorgeous boy’s name is Ludo, and he’s the longest (living) domestic cat in the entire world, at least as far as the Guinness World Records people, who are absolutely no strangers to cat standouts, can tell. As a Maine Coon, he’s already the biggest house cat breed with extraordinary length which set him yet more apart, at 3 ft 10.59 in (118.33 centimeters) long.

The UK cats lives in Wakefield, which is in South Yorkshire, and his owners say he’s easygoing and just a regular cat … once you get past his stretch factor:

Of course, what’s a superlative cat without an unusual dog? Also set for inclusion in the 2017 record book is this gentle, giant great dane female whose name is Lizzy, who now holds the Guinness record for tallest female dog. How tall is she? She’s so tall that her food dish is better served from a chair, as she can’t reach it on the floor.

Lizzy actually measures up at an astounding 37.96 inches (96.41 centimeters) tall.

As you will see in the video, though, she is no tall terror. She lives with a house full of cats alongside a few little terriers, so she’s used to being, well, the big dog: