The Latest IDIOTIC Trend – Throwing Out Kittens From Moving Cars in Florida!

A couple of weeks ago, a Florida woman was driving back home when she saw something bouncing out of the vehicle in front of her. The woman quickly realized that it’s a kitten and she was mortified. The vehicles on the road were racing and the kitty was in grave danger.

If you haven’t heard the ‘news’, idiots from Florida have recently started a trend of throwing cats from moving vehicles, killing more than a few. Some have suffered terrible injuries while the luckiest ones are recovering at animal shelters. The trend has pissed off the whole country, with many people offering rewards for the names of the perpetrators.

The kitten thrown in front of the woman’s car was only the first one. She couldn’t stop the car for the first one, but she hit the brakes hard for the second. The kitten was still hurt and she immediately took it to the Southern Volusia Humane Society.

Photo: Facebook/Sue Ruales

The kitten was named Crash by the staff there and luckily, his chances were looking good.

Photo: Facebook/Southeast Volusia Humane Society

Humane Society director Karen Morgan says that same incidents happened on Highway 92 and at Lake Helen as well.

Photos: Facebook/Southeast Volusia Humane Society

Recently, Florida passed a law which bans animal abusers from ever owning a pet again. Up until now, people have raised more than a thousand dollars for finding the morons responsible for throwing the kitties out of moving vehicles, and we hope more money gets collected soon. We’re going to feel pretty nice when we see them brought in a court.