There Seems To Be A Green Cat Running Around Bulgaria – And NO, It’s NOT Photoshop!

BULGARIA – According to a superstition, it always means bad luck for a black cat to cross your path. However, what about a green cat? Well, if you somehow find yourself in Bulgaria, this emerald-colored cat may give you a moment of…paws.

Just take a look at Bulgaria’s beautiful green alien cat, an eye-catching stray kitteh whose magical, jewel-toned fur coat has been luring many tourists to the quaint seaside town of Varna since back in 2014.

That year, locals noticed the fashion-forward feline just strutting herself up and down the streets with a less colorful, but equally cute, cat companion.

At first, Varna residents were a bit worried that the kitty may have been painted green as part of a cruel prank. However, as luck would have it, concerned locals learned the perfectly pigmented fur ball actually turned herself green, repeatedly curling up for a catnap in an old paint barrel.

Given the cat’s overall good health and her coat’s consistent coloring, the cat lovers, in time, concluded the kitty dyed herself with some sort of non-toxic food or textile dye leaking from the barrel. After it was determined their this furry feline’s life was not in danger, townspeople and tourists continued to celebrate the kitty’s unique cat-eristic, offering her treats in exchange for a quick peek at her curious coat.

Today, with some help of a few animal advocates and a new favorite sleeping spot, Varna’s kitty chameleon has finally changed up her look, returning to her natural color save a few bright green highlights around her ears, eyes, and also chest.

What a relief! This kitty will indeed be just fine!