Woman Finds Stray Cat Who’s Missing Back Legs

A woman called Mareen from Germany’s capital Berlin is a kindhearted woman who looks after the strays in her neighborhood. She feeds them every day and will even take the cats to the vet if need be. Two years ago, Mareen found a stray with no back legs. Trying to get a closer look at the poor kitty, it hurried away from the woman – even without its legs, the kitty was very skittish! The cutie was just as fast as any cat and acted like it too.

Mareen fed the kitten every day and they developed quite a bond after a while. The kitten would let Mareen pet him and after a few weeks, she brought it home with her. Mareen named the kitten Rocket, because it reached for the stars even with his obvious disability.

Rocket had a few rough days in his new home. He meowed all the time, but eventually became much more relaxed. Rocket was finally at home after a week and it seems like he’s having a lot of fun. Check out a video Mareen posted online:


Rocket settled into his new home soon and became friendly with Mareen’s two cats Gurkchen and Flint. The kitty doesn’t allow his disability to get the best of him and he’s as cuddly and cheeky as any other cat.

Rocket continues to amaze Mareen with his incredible abilities. Even though the kitty has only two front legs, it moves around as easy as any pet. It seems that nothing can stop Rocket!

Rocket is now 2 years old and he’s just as energetic as any cat. He loves playing with the other cats and loves cuddling with Mareen. Rocket especially loves hanging on the windowsill and looking outside.

Mareen never stopped sharing pics and videos of the cute cat. Here’s one of Rocket cuddling his favorite toy:


Rocket is an incredible cat whose story serves as a reminder that nothings should stop us. Even though the kitten has no back legs, it’s just as lively as any other cat, and we applaud him.