These 8 Comics Show The Ambivalent Relationship Between A Dad And The Family Cat

Cat fans know that petting felines is fun yet challenging. It’s totally worth it, though, just because the little furballs bring adventure and light into our life.

The little girl you can see in the illustrations loves how close her dad and cat are. Seeing their endless love gave her the inspiration to create fun comics which will surely bring a smile in your face.

Take a look at them below:

1. Dad may be less accepting at times, but there is no doubt that he absolutely loves the kitty. It’s all about hygiene.

2. The cat knows how to take his revenge.

3. The kitty likes to have fun with dad from time to time.

4. By that he means that they should totally hang out all the time.

5. That’s how the adorable kitty makes the cat pet him. He has got ways to make things work for him.

6. Dad is really protective and wouldn’t even let you touch the kitty at times.

7. And gradually dad not only accepted the kitty, but also his likes and dislikes.

8. The cat also gets to sleep on his bed. Incredible, isn’t it!

Meet our adorable little kitty!